Sunday, April 12, 2009


Bare feet running through soaked grass. The sound of the foot falls heavy into the ground as it releases its moisture. Heavy clouds drop light drops that fall quietly to the earth. It is dark. A blur of darker against the busy background of the forest moves quietly through the landscape of wet. His feet move quickly and without hesitation as he pounds out his trail, making it up as he runs along. He doesn’t fear rocks or stones or obstacles for he knows the groundskeeper and trusts him. Even though he cannot see what is in front of him, even though he does not know the way, he doesn’t worry, his rythmic footfall is unaltered, undeterred as it continues on and on, always forward. His very step is unknown, he knows no more than the stride he takes at that moment. He has no idea of what is further on the trail yet he is not overcome. He very well could be overtaken by fear, he could succumb to the dark and become paralyzed with the terror of the unknown... but he isn’t. Because he isn’t worried with the fact of not knowing where his next step will fall, he isn’t concerned that his path is dark, he doesn’t worry about later. He trusts the caretaker, and because he trusts him, because he believes him, and because he knows him, he will not fret, he will be perfectly content to just run, carefree, in the rain...

Trust Him.

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