Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Will I have in Common? (a story)

What Will I Have On Common
By David White

That moment, that one moment, the moment in existence that all but a few dread. I lived a good life, I did what I could. But now, as I approach the gates of heaven, a doubt crosses my mind “What will I have in common?” As I walk through this city, this great and beautiful city, I see on every face something similar, and I ask myself “What do I have in common?” I pass by these men and women who for the Cross gave their homes, their influence, their status, their success, their Life. I walk past these people, and in their eyes I see a Love. I see my face in a passing reflection, what do I see? Something? Anything? My thoughts come fast but one drowns out all others “What is it that they have in common?” I approach near the throne and in everybody's eyes I see something, what is it? What is it? Now I stand before God, and in his eyes I see something, “What is it that He has in common with everyone else here?” He looks in my eyes with a gaze so piercing, Oh, so piercing. He says “What do you have in common with all of us?" I crumble to my knees and kneel before His Throne and weep and cry out “I don't know” I lifted my head and His eyes meet mine, He says “You have seen it in the eyes of the saints, and on the faces of believers. You have heard it in the voices of thousands of men and women worshiping. You have seen it in the eyes of men and women on earth. I have seen it in the eyes of the martyrs, those who have given their lives. And what is it? What do we have in common?” I hold my breath awaiting and dreading the reply, and at last he speaks. In a voice that is like thunder, like rain, like laughter, and like sorrow. And at that moment He does what I least expect, He cries. Through his tears He says to me “The thing you see in all of our eyes, is a Love for my Son.” And when He looks at me, He weeps, and says“You don't have that Love in your eyes.” And at that moment I remember. I saw the look in my mothers eyes right before she left her body. I saw it on the faces of men and women that would smile at me though I didn't know why. I saw it in the faces and heard it in the voices of the people that would come to my door and ask if I would like to accept Jesus. I didn't. And now as Christ the Son of God walks in, I look at Him, and He looks at me, with a gaze that would have crumbled stone, but behind that gaze I see a sorrow. As he speaks to me His voice breaks “Depart From Me, I Never Knew You.” And at that moment I fell, and as I was falling I could only hope for those who were still on earth.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

astroturf. a thought.

You know in the age old pursuit of the grass on the other side of the fence (it being greener) eventually we shun the natural and embrace the plastic green of astroturf. And it really is not a good trade off.

Thought of the day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Does it ever seem to you that life in general is made up of change and subsequently hurt? Does it ever seem like the only time things change is after you have developed an attachment to it? Does it ever seem like the only reason things change is to shake life up?

Yes. it does.

How quickly things just seem to change
Or maybe its me that changes things
One day everything seems so fine
The next waiting for what the rain will bring

A beautiful day, the sun shines bright
the clouds seem so far off
you feel as light as the air or a feather
And then it hits you like a rock

Reality, falls on your parade like hail
Your picture perfect happenings just aren’t
Everything you hoped and dreamed
just had fallen and turned out wrong

The euphoric sense of complete control
Of having your cards all in a row
Of planning out your every step
Of feeling like its all gonna go

But then again sometimes I think
I think I understand
The reason for this non control
Is because there is a better plan

A plan thought out from the dawn of time
Written in book,
Sometimes I long in my foolishness
That I would like to take a look

But I never can, and I never will
Not until my days are done,
When my life has given up
And we all shine like the sun.

On that most blessed day
on that bright and far off shore
I will look back on the life I lived
And see that God worked all for good

Oh what a God that concerns Himself
With us so small and frail
That would take his time to write it out
And say what our life would entail

So when the parade that I had wrought
Is over, done and gone
We still can count upon Our God
For it is us that he has bought.

But then again, there is always a reminder of the truth.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sometimes I wonder. Sometimes I ponder. Sometimes I think I think of all. And then again there are times when I am just in awe. Now is one of those times.

You wanna know something amazing? Mankind are sinners. Sinners deserve death. Death is eternal. You wanna hear something? God is just, Justifies sinners, sinners become saints.

Many times I hear this and gloss it over as simply theology, or teaching. But when you really think about it as Christians this should be the thought that occupies our every moment. For without this amazing redemption we would be undone. Have you ever stopped to think of the effects God's grace and mercy has upon you? I have but the times are so few and far between that I forget them so easily, without Gods grace we would not be able to face tomorrow. Knowing what we know about the utter depravity of man and his ultimate sinful nature we simply could not even justify getting out of bed. But thanks to god we have a hope that even though the day seems dark, there is a light that never goes out and it is worth living for. Oh what an amazing redemption.

A whisper of a breath
A breath of a kiss
a kiss of death
A death unto life.

Live unto a shadow
a shadow of the light
A light in the darkness
a darkness defeated.

A mirror in a field
A field of dreams
dreaming of a crowd
a crowd crying out.

A echoing noise
a noisy silence
a silent aching
an aching heart

A bleeding people
a peopled land
a land of desert
a deserted love

An outward cool
a cooled heart
a heart shaped void
a voided debt

A bleeding side
beside the way
away on a hill
a hill hard climbed

A thorny crown
a crowned head
ahead of his time
times run out

A tomb in the rock
a rock in the front
a confronted guard
a guarded heart

A light sound
a sound of life
a life remade
made to live

glancing down
downward soul
soul lifted up
upwards drawn

healed hands
hands that touch
touch the heart
hearty joy

A breath of life
life of his breath
breath of God
God’s son come

P.S. (a side note)
Now no doubt you all (all two of you) have grow tired of my "poetry" It probably is not very good so I will try to write more prose. Unless of course I can't, in which case you two will have to deal with it.