Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Tale of the Moon

My it's been awhile. Well here we go. . .

The moon, like an opalescent eye in the midst of the inky, silky night, shone down upon the earth in full glory. She thought to herself how brightly she illuminated the shadows and mused the fact of her wonderful size in the night sky. Though she was proud she never let it go to her head, she was just happy to be of use. Tonight was an especially wonderful night for her, it seemed everything had come together perfectly to make her display as wonderful as possible. The clouds had parted, the city lights dimmed and the haze of the day had dissipated into a clear and clean night. There she stood bright and beautiful, no other light could compare. As she rose in the sky she heard some men whispering about her, about her beauty and honor and grace. She heard perhaps more than she should, for at that moment she started to think of herself a little too much. Why shouldn't she receive praise? She thought to herself. After all, she had been chosen out of the countless heavenly bodies to be light to earths night. She also controlled the tide and was a sign of the seasons. Why shouldn't she receive high honor? At that moment her mind turned, and as must follow her heart soon after. She began to think it was something of herself that attracted the attention she received, perhaps her wonderful size or unique surface. As she begun to think of it, her thoughts of giving light and being a sign to men lessened and lessened till all that she dwelt on was her own glory. She began to look down on the other heavenly bodies, she scoffed at their seeming worthlessness. With her change in attitude came also a change in her work ethic, she was tardy with her control of the tides, she was often late and would sometimes forget altogether which caused untold havoc on earth. it got to the point where she was completely useless. She could not be trusted for a light, she could not be used as a guide, and the tides varied so much that it was dangerous to dwell near water much less attempt to sail. The sun watched all this and thought that now was the time to intervene. On a night when the moon was late coming out men sat outside their houses and watched as she rose into the sky. Then they witnessed a strange phenomenon, her light flickered a bit and then went completely out. She had been late before, she had been irresponsibly with her tasks before but she had always remained lit, What was this? Men cursed her and then withdrew to their beds. The moon herself did not expect it at all, one moment she was illuminated, the next she was as dark as the night that surrounded her. She knew what happened, the Sun had taken the light he apportioned to her and now she was cold and black. No longer did she revel in her glory, no longer did she draw from man's lips wonder and praise, all she now received was obscene words and curses. A fortnight later on a night when the stars were dim and the wind was stiff a ship of a certain land was returning home after a long voyage. Her crew, consisting of fathers, brothers, sons and husbands anxiously awaited the warm welcome they were to receive when they landed. As they neared the shore, they ran aground on shoals just outside the harbor. The wind and the waves battered the ship till it fell apart, the men on board jumped overboard but since the moon did not shine at all they quickly became confused in the darkness. Not one of them made it to shore, every one perished within swimming distance of land. The moon then wept bitterly, Her salt tears bleaching her surface. Oh had her pride had not gotten in the way perhaps those men would have been saved. She wept more and more washing away the dirt on her surface as well as the pride that had become her downfall. The sun witnessed all this, He saw the moon and how bitterly she wept, he saw her changed heart as well as her new countenance and decided to give her back her glory. When he directed once again the light towards her, the rays reflected brightly off her white surface and gave a new light to earth. Her old glory could not be compared to this new luminance that seemingly emanated from her core as well as her surface. the light was cleaner, brighter, more unadulterated it seemed, men everywhere stood outside their doors, on their porches and out from under tents to gaze at this wonderful sight. And men would follow suit for generations and still gaze in wonder even to this day. And that is why, once a month the moon's light becomes invisible to man's eyes, in order to remind her of her great sin and that the only reason she shines is because of the mercy and light of the sun.

I will leave it up to you, the reader to gain what you may from this little story.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Children of Man

An Angel came down on a dull autumn day
To see all the deeds of the children of man
to see how he dwelt and how he had moved
and how he had been since The dawn.
Of the spring.
He saw their dwellings, likened to their hearts
extending farther out, up and beyond.
From places to places from city to stream
Always wanting, always seeking.
Something more
He saw how his rails though seemingly straight
were curved and twisted and lead
Like their minds up the hills and the valleys
never ahead, always around and through.
In vain circles.
And after he saw and looked all around
past building and alley, subway and street
he thought and he mused, all the time watching
The people that walked and floated around.
Oh so Blind.
“Won’t the obey the desire of their hearts?
Their hands strive after the wind and the sky
Yet they cease to obey the call of their God
And Sell, short change themselves eternally.
Won’t they see?
The angel then alights and spreads his wings
Flies back to the place from whence he had come
Yet The Lord and the earth Is waiting still
For the glorious Revelation of
The Children of Man.

“Always reaching, always reaching
Upward as to touch the sky
Gazing up with eyes of wonder
yet never lifting to God most high”