Monday, March 9, 2009


My hand in front of my face
I see through it into the inky blackness
blind, I feel the wind whipping by
nothing else but what I feel
for I cant see anything
but Black

It whips through my hair and flutters my heart
I suffocate as my breath is stolen
tears fall from my eyes and never reach my face
they fall and disappear in the abyss
I feel the affects and cannot fight
this Wind

like needles, piercing clothes and skin
my bones shake and brittle
my clothes offer no comfort or shield
I am naked in this cold black dark
nothing comforts, I am alone and scared
in this Cold

My heart is in my throat, I can’t swallow it
as I find my feet aren’t touching ground
I’m twirling as I fall all down
flipping around my stomach turns
up and down have switched places as
I’m Falling

The tingling sensation is gone
the cold I cannot feel, anything
all feeling has passed away, passed and gone
limp I feel like a rag doll, unable to move
my mind screams for my members to stir, but
I’m Numb

Blackness Hides
Wind Cuts
Cold Pierces
Falling Scared
Numbness flashes, yet I see
A Light

The black turns to grey and the shadows lengthen
I can see my surroundings as they emerge from the dark.
Like a mist being removed from my eyes, I slowly adjust
and gather my bearings, thoughts roll and flow,
like a river flowing in the night I see the stones of my cage
moving along like feelings worn down with light, water
I cannot discern where they move, be it up or down.
The light becomes greater and warmth touches my skin
with the light comes more discernment and I see direction.
I know not from where the movement comes
but as the shadows become dimmer I see that I am traveling
moving, not falling. I see a purpose and the light is brighter
I am falling, with a purpose, towards the flood, lighting lighter, falling.

The wind flows through my hair and soul
the light becomes my covering
I’m enraptured by this glorious warmth and
though I’m still turning, though my feet don’t touch
the ground is far down and I never want to move away from
this Life.

Light permeates my flesh and in the life it radiates a beauty
a glow touches my eyes and sparkles, the stars I see
though the light is great, a kindness reflects in my heart
as this glory fills my very soul, rivers of new wash me anew
and pull me up from my death, and depth.
I still have no control over my limbs, my equilibrium stirs
control is in the hands of not I, yet a peace washes.
I see not where I am going, though my senses fail me I will
only ever hope in this bright, light, hope.

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Sheree said...

this poem is quite a progression from darkness to light...from doubt to hope...from fear to faith...