Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Radiant specks of pure light dance in the night sky. Bright orange from the glory of their former resting place these emissaries of the fire skip to and fro hither and thither against the inky blue backdrop of night. They dazzle my eyes, even to the point where the stars, in all their glory and grandeur, fade into the distant unknown space. I find it amusing that something so small, something so temporary can draw my mind away from something so grand, something so immense, something so... eternal. Yet they do. They occupy my mind and emotions, suddenly all I am is enveloped in this short dance of light, to see where they go, how fast they travel, how brightly they burn....  It encompasses all I am, I let myself be drawn to them and the eternal slips away... Is it because they move and the stars seem so stoic? Is it because they seem so much closer? Is it because it is an offspring of where I am? I do not know, but for some reason they capture me, and I am immovable... until they burn out, which they inevitably do. They must, they cannot last in the vast space of the evening air. They can dance and move and enrapture... but they must burn out. Even the largest and most mesmerizing ember, even though it dances higher and farther and longer than the others, must still surrender its light to the night. To the night, and the brilliant, infinite, eternal and dazzling stars.