Friday, February 13, 2009


Like a whisper of a kiss
your tender touch breathes into me
an incomprehensible joy of 
excited minds and hearts flutter

Dreams fly on the wings of a thought
in the half light of morning we dwell
always in this place of wonder and new dawn
our surroundings are beautiful... because we are beautiful.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Eyes speak louder than
Eyes speak volumes of 
Eyes give gifts greater than
Eyes give more than you know.
Your Eyes. 

A deep pool, depths unknown
yet the gravity of the deep is bathed in soft light
sparkling like a hundred million stars
falling from the night into a forest of lights
Your Eyes.

like a dewy voice whispering of truth
liquid light in a goblet of silk
like water runs over stones so smooth
Your eyes speak thus to mine.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Words speak louder than
your words speak louder
than words, spoken loudly
speak softly to me...

Whispered gently in my ear
your words travel like a song 
on a breath of wind, that tends my heart
so your voice to me I long.

Fluttering dear,
my heart it sings
to hear your words to me.


see her everywhere.
On the park bench with 
spheres of color
every size and shape and 

Walking in the mid night mist
with the green overtaking 
my bliss is drifting
towards with the thought of you.

My eyes search
a crush of people, faces always faces
me, I cannot see her.
through the throng I push 
to see her, my eyes have found
a home.