Thursday, December 24, 2009


Whence cometh that sweet voice
that dream within a dream of honey from the comb
like the petals of a rose just blossomed
so doth my heart for my beloved.
~ Not Shakespeare

A whisper in my ear of ears
speaks softly to my heart.
Of all hearts came and went
yours only was of worth.

Words of Love to my dove
and the heart that I grasp at so eagerly with my breath and

Whats a dove to do with
the sound of a heart beating fast?
Whats a dove to do with
the touch of a tender kiss?
Whats a dove to do
when all else fades away and your heart feels like it's pulled into a dream with all beauty, all joy all wonderfulness. Like a hundred million balloons falling to the sky and only stooping to pick up a fated passerby and carry him to unknown heights of glory.
Whats a dove to do with Love?

In her eyes
like a hundred million sparklers
light up my weary days
like a trip to last summer
like a trip from eternity
light up my heart for you.

Will you?
Like the bated breath like waiting lest
she look away and leave.
I wait to hear the words so
muddled in my mind
like crystal in a set of glass
the realife shines and the fakes they pass
as she leans in close to me
on the wings of the morning her breath it breathes
in me a life unknown
my heart it leaps
and anthems sings
she answered
I do.

What does a poem mean? Really, I can pour from the bottom of my heart a poem of such feeling, such granduer and the like, yet if not backed up by actions, it means nothing.

But it was.

A song a song!
I heard tell of the
Men stand by and look in awe at
women stand back and sigh and awww
at the sight of two lovers so newly discovered
each other, together, not separate forever.
My only, yours only,
but me and you.
Forever and ever and ever. again.

I Love you.
It's as simple as that
But is it?