Monday, October 27, 2008


Wow... Its been over a month. Hmmmmmm well I resurrect the blog today with a poem actually wrote for my friends blog "A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO LEAF RUSTLING" I hope you enjoy:

(D)are to (O)ver (E)xcite.

I walked through the woods
where the dripping trees sang
softly to my weary heart
and matched the ebbing away of my greatest desire.

Speckled coat, blending into beauty
moved swiftly through the trees of green.
and into the darkness of the unknown
where my greatest quarry now became.

Running along with the ground grasping me
gravity called to my weary man.
yet onward I push with a new desire
to catch up with my angel, this demon I seek.

Quickly she dodges, and smoothly she moves
over and under obstacles take me down.
tears and sweat fill my vision solely fixed,
upon her dew rests and glistens in the half light.

The tears mix with blood as the brush cuts my face
and the rain washes away the semblance of strength
my determination waxes and wanes
as the sight of her I seek fades into nothing.

My burden gets the better of me as I sink into
the unforgiving ground breaks me into
pieces of love lost in the evenflow of weakness
while the mist devours my fleeting sprightly doe.

I lift myself up from the mud and leaves
fallen from the hopeful spring of the year
and brush the dead brush from my coattails and eyes
and glance once more into the depth of the unknown.

She has escaped and faded like the mist in the trees
running over dead and barren branches
dissipating with the new dark of the morning
and leaving desires and hearts to mend.

I stand silhouetted by the bleakness of the morning
a mere shell of the man I started out as.
The strength that rushed has ebbed to a trickle
and my will has left me for another.

The thrill is gone and I feel alone
in this wood of strange shadows and empty
faces flash in my mind and call me on
back to the place from where I started.

I will myself to move and rise, my gait lacks all the pride
My stomach turns inside my head and my steps fade into dreams.
The shadows all have names unknown, they laugh...
I walk this road alone.

By, step.
And each, step.
I take will, step.
And brings me closer, step.
To the edge of my, step.
Sanity comes on fast and, step.
The mist clears from my vision, step.
And the valley green becomes visible, step.
and stop.
. .. ... .... .....

I see the morning breaking over the hills
and in the break of black I see light.
the hope subsided sides again
and my faint strength faintly returns.

This hunt that was my life breathed in.
fades quicker than the dusk.
and hope like morning fades to strength
and my mind clears with the light.

The mournful sound of the woods to my back
and the glorious light, lights my face.
My heart thaws out from the cold dark night
as it faces this bright and brighter day.