Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cracked lips....

Just some quick random poetry this time... Descending into despair..

I hurt.
I feel.
I bleed.
I cry.

I think and
and then I

the tears I shed
run down my cheeks
and rest on curves
of broken lips.

A sigh escapes past bleeding mouth
from swollen throbbing tongue
it rose and fell with change of heart
and sways and swells with lung.

My emanating cry rose up
through curtain, bone and air
it echoed through my empty frame
and continued like a prayer.

The room in which I dwell alone
Is cold and devoid of friends
the coffee’s long been chilled and old
and the lights have all been bent

The shadows playing in the corners
creep along the walls
they rest upon my darkened soul
and slink down narrow halls.

Cries rise up from broken lips
from the throats of desperate men
the screams of a thousand shattered hearts
Rise up and take the wind.

And that is where I stopped... For no particular reason....

You know its funny how our ideas about life can change so drastically... One day all seems fine and then the next the cobwebs seem to come out and play. But one thing that I must keep in the forefront of my vision is Our God is God whether I feel like He is or not... and I can avail myself of his hand.....

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Another quick thought for you today.... When something is closer to our view it seems larger to us. It simply must, this is a law of perspective. Did you know that a penny can look larger than a mountain when held close. This is truly a strange phenomenon that something so small can dwarf a thing truly millions of times larger than it.... You know, sometimes I think we are this way with God... He seems so small in comparison to the things we are going through right at this moment, but that is simply because He and our problems have switched places. Our God is infinitely larger than anything in this world but see we have to place him first in our vision. And when we place Christ first in our life, even if our problem truly is the size of a mountain it will be dwarfed by the majestic splendor of our God’s never ending Love, Mercy and Grace....


He IS....

“He is my Light, My strength, My song.”

Ah.... I love that song. “In Christ Alone” A beautiful wonderful reminder of our Great Father. I find myself singing that oh so often. It has become second nature to me, I will be moving along in my daily routine when I find that I have been singing and no other song than that one. I was singing this today when I stopped to think about what I was saying. “He is my light.....” I had been singing that song for years but I think in my mind I never put what it was saying together, In fact I think I entered my own thought in that line “Lord be my light, my strength, my song”. Which Is a true heartfelt cry to our father, but isn’t he already? All along I had been asking God for something that he had already done. He already is my light and so on. I think that this, while not a radical idea, can be a life changing one. When we think about the fact that Christ has already accomplished all, that he was slain before the foundation of the earth, that all our days are written in a book before we were thought of. When we think about these facts Is it to much to think that christ is already our strength... Now at first though this sounds wrong... you will say that this thought supposes that it has nothing to do with us, that we don’t have to ask him and that it takes all the responsibility away from us and now we can live passively... Ok stop. Most of you have a family... and most of your families have homes. Now You as a child have this house at your disposal. Now when it is raining outside you have the choice to run inside for protection, you could stay outside but you don’t, you go inside and maybe even get a change of clothes if you had gotten wet. Now imagine how silly it would be for you to stand outside in the pouring deluge and ask “Home, will you be my protection?” Here is another thought. Would you stand outside an empty house lot and ask and yell and plead that “You will be my protection? Ha... well some might, but most sane people don’t make a habit of that. Sometimes I think we look at God like that though. We look at him like an empty house lot and ask and plead for him to become our protections and refuge when He already is a place that we can run, an “Ever present help in times of trouble”.

So what are the benefits of this kind of thinking? Well first I think it can totally change the way we respond to trials and hard times. For when we know that all things that we need have been provided for, we can walk in the new faith that comes with its security. Second I think (for me at least) it paints a much grander picture of our great God, For everything we might need, down to the smallest most miniscule thing has already been made and provided for me..... everything, strength when I am weak, my song when I need comfort, my light when things seem so dark and my fortress when I am vulnerable to the battle called life. This Is my God, and your God as well. Hallelujah.

But we have to realize this, and not only realize it but avail ourselves of this great grace and mercy that our Lord has provided for you and me.

In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light, my strength, my song
This Cornerstone, this solid ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love, what depths of peace
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
My Comforter, my All in All
Here in the love of Christ I stand